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Danny Gatton (in the book "Capitol Rock")
"Timm Biery is the baddest drummer on the planet - bar none!"

Nils Lofgren
"Timm Biery is an extraordinary drummer. Timm plays any style or genre of music with supreme technical efficiency and most importantly, with soul; understanding and exhibiting a genuine reverence and joy for all music, from the simplest country and rock to complex jazz and fusion. I think Timm Biery is one of the greatest drummers playing today."

Frank Marino
"Timm Biery is a drummer's drummer. I know because I am (unknown to many) a long-time drummer as well as a guitarist. As a matter of fact, he's probably any musician's drummer. A lot of guys talk about a drummer's chops, and Timm certainly has them. But what he also has, that most guys don't, is that musical ear that allows him to play the right part at the right time... very creative and very musical. Timm is one of the only drummers I've played with that I can feel totally confident with when it comes to creating parts for a song, whether it's rock, jazz, blues or whatever. With a lot of guys you've got to go over the parts and sometimes hint at what you think you want in a song. But with Timm you just play the song, and I guarantee that what he'll instantly come up with will be better than what you thought you wanted. Basically, he's a musician in a drummer's body... and that's very refreshing these days."

Deanna Bogart
"I hold Timm Biery completely responsible for the many inspired improvements in my playing. What a musician. Thanks Timm!!"

Devon Loizeaux (Shugar)
"Timm Biery is literally the PERFECT drummer. Best pocket, best groove, and one of THE nicest people we've ever had the pleasure of working with."

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Robert Fiester (session guitarist and educator)
"Timm Biery... an all-around monster who is also a phenomenal studio producer and engineer. Timm is NOT a drummer. He's a MUSICIAN whose main instrument is the drums. Timm drives a band without peer. He has a flare for the dramatic, and the subtle. He plays music, as opposed to merely kickin' it. He's an intense listener. If I start a rhythmic idea in a solo, he's all over it."

Rick Galusha (This is the entire online review of the NLB Live album)
"In addition to being an incredible guitar player, Lofgren has a super smooth voice. The drummer on this album, Timm Biery, is an absolute MONSTER."

Fred Hall (reviewing NLB live album)
"...The rhythm section comprises Timm Biery's earthquake-proof drums and the lithe and sinuous bass of Wade Matthews..."

NLB 2001 tour review, The Opera House, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK:
"Timm Biery makes other drummers look pedestrian, he really was reeking class, world class."

Fred Hall (reviewing Nils' "Breakaway Angel"album)
"...the acoustic guitar-dominated Driftin' Man, co-written by Lofgren and Lou Reed, which benefits from some atmospheric tom-tom work from drummer Timm Biery..."

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