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Remote Drum Tracking

Get great drum tracks on your project without ever leaving the comfort of your studio. Timm brings years of experience, the ability to play in virtually any style, and a passion for getting the perfect take to every session. Fast turnaround times and reasonable rates. Learn more or email to get started.

Timm hears what is needed, gives 100%, and is always willing to provide excellent advice. It has been an honor to work with him in the studio and with electronically transferred tracks. The epitome of a professional musician, Bruh is always on his "A-game." Ultimately, you can't lose with the stuff he uses!
Parris Lane
PBS Emmy Nominated actress/singer and Grammy Considered Spoken Word and Song Performance Artist.

Drum Tracking in Kansas City

Timm is also available for in-person sessions in the Kansas City area.
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"... with Timm you just play the song, and I guarantee that what he'll instantly come up with will be better than what you thought you wanted."
Frank Marino

Mixing and Mastering

The advent of affordable computers, software, and recording gear has allowed musicians of all ages to record and release their own music in ever increasing numbers. In this new world of independent artists, it's vitally important that your album has what it takes to compete on a global level. One of the best ways you can achieve that goal is to have your recordings professionally mixed.

"I've been working with Timm Biery for almost 30 years. Timm has recorded us, mixed us, mastered us and basically gave us our Bad Influence sound on record. He listens to the music we play as well as our ideas and uses his ears to turn what we ask for into an amazing finished project."
Michael Tash, Bad Influence Band

Forensic Production

Need a bit of production assistance but don't have a large budget? Timm's "Forensic Production" techniques may be just the thing!

"Forensic Production involves me helping an artist shape their songs in a much deeper way than simply mixing. Comping keeper vocals and solos from several different takes, editing drums and other instruments, modifying arrangements, occasionally adding parts... I'm as much of a creative partner as you want me to be"

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Remote Drum Tracking Details

Service includes:

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If more than 2 re-takes are necessary, an additional fee will apply. One (1) keeper take will be delivered for each song. If you would like additional takes to be delivered, they will count as additional songs.

A 50% deposit is required to begin tracking. Balance due must be paid in full prior to master tracks being delivered. We accept Paypal (major credit cards), Venmo, personal checks and money orders. Note that a small service fee is added to Paypal and Venmo payments.