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Remote Coaching Sessions

Remote coaching sessions through video files or DVDs is a great way to study with Timm no matter where you live. Sessions are usually 30 minutes or 1 hour in length and contain personalized instruction tailored to what you want to accomplish and your drumming level. Want to tighten up your blues shuffles? Work on your bass drum technique? Hand technique? If you want to learn it, Timm can help you achieve it. E-mail for more info.

Timm during the Sacred Weapon tourThe older I get, the more passionate I become about passing on what I've learned about drumming after all these years. I began to play at the drums when I was 5 and started lessons at 7. I joined my first band at 12 and played teen clubs and private parties up to the age of 15, when I started working full time in clubs throughout the Washington, DC area. During my formative years, I was also marching in drum corps. This was in the days before DCI, but the level of drumming was still ridiculously high. Over time, I began to attempt to bring that level of excellence to my drum set playing as well. That included searching for ways to incorporate the rudimental style into the rock, jazz, and fusion music I was playing.

During my early years, so many great drummers kindly took time with me, answering my questions, passing on pointers, etc., that I feel it's my duty to pass it forward. And that's what this section of the web site is about.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have regarding my playing or drumming in general. I really do answer every e-mail I receive, though it can take a few days for me to reply on occasion. You can send me an e-mail here. I look forward to hearing from you!

Coming Soon: Skype Coaching!