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Triplicity T_2 features John Previti and me, along with Tim Ford on piano, whose playing absolutely scares me on a regular basis. John had worked with Tim quite a bit over the years, but I only knew him by reputation. I finally got the chance to do a gig with John and Tim, albeit in a very quiet setting where the band was really just background music. Even in that setting, I was absolutely blown away by Tim's playing, and thought he'd be great for a piano version of Triplicity.

Our new studio album, 12 Hours, features all original material - written and recorded in one marathon 12 hour session at my studio in Nashville, TN! It wasn't originally meant to work out that way, but you make do with what you have to make do with, and I actually think the album gained a lot of passion as a result of it.

I absolutely love this band! I feel as though it was exactly where I was supposed to be at that point in my drumming career, and that sentiment is echoed by virtually everyone who saw T_2 live or has heard the album. You need to check it out for yourself!

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