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Triplicity has its roots in the friendship John Previti and I formed when I came on the Danny Gatton Band. Shortly after Danny Gatton's death, we came together with the great guitarist Rick Whitehead to play a tribute to Danny at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. It felt great to play together, and the three of us continued to play in and around the Washington, D.C. area as the "Rick Whitehead Trio" for around 3 years before other commitments forced me to leave. During that time, we recorded an album that was never released, but we always hoped it would come out at some point in the future.

In late 2004, we began making plans to re-form this version of the trio and do some dates in 2005. To differentiate it from Rick's current trio (which includes JP and the great Barry Hart on drums), we set about trying to come up with a name for this adventure. We decided on "Triplicity". My manager at the time, Jeff Kushner, began putting together a small tour, which we dubbed "Swing Hard and Count To 4". June of 2005 found us back on stage at our old stomping grounds - IOTA in Arlington, VA., for the first show of this tour - with no rehearsals! It seemed as if the years melted away in an instant, and the group found itself in no time flat.

The album T_1 Live was recorded at the Ram's Head in Annapolis, MD during the 2005 tour. The aggressiveness of everyone's playing on tunes such as "Angel Eyes" and "My Little Sunflower" is tempered by the beautiful ballad "The Nearness Of You", which actually brought the crowd to its feet!

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