Smart Dust 3  is available for purchase through Bandcamp in standard and 96kHz/24bit hi-res audio versions, Apple Music / iTunes, Amazon, and other outlets.

Smart Dust 3  is the third release in a series of projects under the Smart Dust moniker. Combining free improvisation, structured form, and structured forms carved out of free improvisation, Smart Dust is as much a frame of mind as it is music - and another step forward in multi-instrumentalist Timm Biery's long career.

SD3 is the without a doubt the darkest and heaviest release in the series. With the most Warr guitar soloing Timm has ever done on an album, in many ways it feels like a live jam.

Mangled drums, basses and synths; dark, brooding, melodies and solos; even a thoroughly distorted vocal. Smart Dust 3  closes 2021 with a bang!

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