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This enhanced CD covers a 27 year period of Timm's career and features previously unreleased music from Fast Eddie, Bar B.Q. Barry Kukowski, Ron Diehm, and Triplicity T_1. Also features remixes/remasters of a few of Timm's favorite pieces from previous solo records, the radio edit mix of "Sencha" from the Samarkand album, and an unreleased demo of the tune "Over Love".

Insert the disc into your computer to get access to an additional 8 tunes (7 previously unreleased) from Son O' Bop, Fast Eddie, RPB, and Roe, Hodges, Biery, plus video from Timm's archives of Triplicity T_2, the Nils Lofgren Band, and the Danny Gatton Trio, extensive liner notes, recording info, and Timm's thoughts on the Retrospex project. You also get ALL of the music files in ready-to-download zipped folders in MP3, FLAC, and WAV formats! A total of 22 recordings in the package (16 previously unreleased) and 4 videos.