Tennessee Stud is available for purchase in The Shop

This is another recording that came out of a friendship. I met Ron Diehm through my friend and studio assistant Barry Kukowski at a time when life was pretty good. Ron was a member of Barry's band "The Canned Pig All-Stars", and they were planning to do a record of originals with me producing (more about that project to come in a future update!).

Then, life through Ron a few curves. As a means of coping, he started writing songs - funny songs, poignant songs, all kinds of songs! I told him I'd love to help him get his songs on tape and, gradually, one project became two projects.

The original intent was to release both CD's as a double album, but life has a way of confounding the best of plans and that never occurred. This album, though, can be purchased in The Shop. I urge you to pick it up and dig the music!