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Recorded at the Ram's Head in Annapolis, MD near the end of the "Breakaway Angel" tour, this album shows the NLB in full flight. We'd been playing these songs for quite some time at this point, and they were definitely ingrained in our collective psyches, which allowed us to focus on the musical moment, rather than remembering an upcoming part!

I remember these shows as being loads of fun, with many friends and family dropping by for a visit at soundchecks and after the shows. And it was certainly a real treat to be able to walk to the venue for soundchecks and the shows from the hotel just up the street. I think that feeling of comfort and shines through in this recording.

We were doing a wide range of Nils' material on this tour, some stretching back to his Grin days. And I have to say I absolutely love the version of "I Lost A Number" on this album! Very inventive take on the tune. Pick up the album and check it out for yourself!