Feel is available for purchase at Amazon

Feel is the second album I had the pleasure of doing with my old pal Murray Fentress. Sophomore albums often fall prey to the dreaded “Sophomore Jinx”, but there is no hint of that on this album. Rather, Murray took his songwriting & storytelling skills to another level here.

As with Labor Of Love, we tracked this one in stages at my studio in Nashville. We started with Murray & I tracking drums, rhythm guitars, and guide vocals. Next, I did some acoustic guitar and touch guitar tracking — the first time I'd ever played the touch guitar on a recording! This was followed by bass tracking with Nashville great Dave Roe on electric & upright basses and additional acoustic guitars, mandolin, and piano work from my former Nils Lofgren Band brother Buck Brown. After some additional keyboard and arrangement work, I had session legend Russ Pahl in to do the pedal steel tracks.

In late 2014, Murray made a return trip to Nashville to spend a week doing guitar solos and vocals. It was certainly a week of long days and hard work, but we had a great time together — good food, great stories, and definitely a lot of great music. Exactly the way a record should be made!

Feel is an album to dig into, where repeated listenings bring new discoveries and the songs become more meaningful (or funny!) each time you hear it. I urge you to pick this one up!