JMBB Live At The OTWC, Vol. 1 is available for purchase in The Shop

On 20 March, 2004, James Mabry, Linwood Taylor, Jay Turner and I played our usual "once-every-few-weeks" gig at The Outta The Way Cafe in Derwood, MD. We'd been meaning to record one of these shows for a while, and we finally got around to it this time. The recording was done very simply, in an "archival" fashion - 2 nice mics placed in a good spot, run into a tube mic pre-amp, then into a Tascam CD burner via Mogami cables. We weren't able to do quite the sound check we wanted, but we think it came out pretty well! The CD was released in June of 2004, and the response has been tremendous!

It was hard to pare the performances from that night into one CD. In 2007, we decided to release the remaining tunes as Live At The Outta The Way Cafe, Vol. 2. Again, the response has been amazing.

Thanks to all of our OTWC fans for their loyal support through the years — and also to those of you who couldn't make it to the Cafe but purchased the CD's! You've been there with us in spirit.