Intermezzi is available as a FREE dowload through Bandcamp and at a special low price through iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, & Groove Music.

Over 100 minutes of music were recorded for Timm's latest full-length album Too. With the finished album clocking in at just under 45:00, there was a lot of material unused. Some of these pieces were intended for the next album, while others were left to be fleshed out at some point in the future.

  In the process of selecting ideas and pieces to work on for the next full-length album, I came to feel that some of the remaining pieces from Too just didn't fit with the concept I had in mind for what comes next, but I really wanted to share them with you. So we decided to put together an interim release. I set to work on finishing the parts left to be played, then mixing and mastering. The result is this EP.   

Intermezzi  is a fitting title since that's exactly what it is - a group of pieces acting as a kind of bridge between two larger works (albums) that will, hopefully, stand on its own merits.

This EP is offered on a free or "pay what you wish" basis through Bandcamp.