Here To Now is available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Tidal and other outlets.

Here To Now is the first stop on the path Timm's been walking since retiring from public performance in 2012. Fully embracing his prog rock, experimental, and ambient influences, it's the first recording of his to feature his work on touch-style guitar. There is also plenty of inventive, over-the-top drumming, too! Fans of King Crimson, Stick Men, Trey Gunn, and Markus Reuter will really enjoy this album.

To quote Timm: "Much of this music began as experiments; learning a new instrument surely inspires that. In fact, the entire album is an experiment in finding my way, searching to find my own voice. And while there is plenty of derivative stuff here (I will never deny that!), there are glimpses of what the future may hold. I hope you'll come along with me as I continue walking toward it."

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