Juggernaut is technically unavailable for purchase, though you can find it as a bootleg import. Keep in mind that these are UNLICENSED copies, and any "remastering" was not done by Frank.

Juggernaut is the first album I recorded with Frank Marino and it definitely changed the course of my career. Though I'd done a fair amount of recording prior to this album, working on a major label release with people I barely knew in a totally unfamiliar place was something I don't think I could have possibly prepared for in advance. There were certainly times where I felt I was hanging on for dear life, but the result was well worth it!

We began pre-production at our warehouse rehearsal space, tossing ideas around and recording demos as we went. Some things felt pretty disjointed to me at the time, but Frank was making mental notes about where he wanted to take the ideas that were developing. That said, some tunes came to life fully formed; to this day, I can close my eyes and see the entire scene as tunes like "Strange Dreams", "Ditch Queen", and "Juggernaut" came to life.

All of this work was taking place during one of the coldest winters on record, and Montreal is normally pretty damn cold in the winter anyway! The drum tracks were done in the big room at Studio Tempo, with me in thermal t-shirts surrounded by space heaters (and a Christmas tree!), while the rest of the band was in the control room. We communicated via talkback and video monitors, which was a little unnnerving at times, and something I've never grown accustomed to. I'd rather have everyone in the same room, but that often proves impossible.

Over the years, I've come to realize that Juggernaut is an album I'd prepared for my entire life. And while there are many things I'd love the chance to play again, it's good work that holds up well 30 plus years later. And people still dig it! You can't ask for more than that.