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As good as the studio albums I did with FMMR were, the band really shined live. Toward the end of the Juggernaut tour in the autumn of 1983, the band began recording a series of shows for release as a live album. The result was Double Live

There is something to be said for recording a live performance as a band nears the end of a tour, but there's also a bit of risk involved. Namely, will the musicians embrace the music with the same intensity they did at the start of the tour when it was all "new"? Well, I have to say that was rarely a problem with this band! Every night held new and exciting surprises for us, as we approached the music from more of a jazz perspective of heavy improvising on a nightly basis. The majority of the fans dug that — and so did we!

If you haven't checked out Double Live, or have an aging version of it on vinyl, you need to check out the remastered CD version Frank did a few years back. He did an amazing job on it. I'll tell you, I heard things in my playing I didn't remember doing, and the overall sound is as good as it can possibly be!