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Even though I didn't receive credit on the release, I'm drumming on the version of "Ain't That Peculiar" that appears on this record. There was some sort of issue with the sound of original drums that Danny wanted to correct. The performance, which I believe was done by Dave Elliot, had no problems at all. This was done solely to correct (or bring upto date) the sound of the recording.

I actually have multitrack worktapes of this tune and several others that we cloned to DA-88 format from the 2" masters so that Danny could work on them in my studio at his leisure. When this album was released, I compared this version to the one that I played on and it's identical. You can also compare the well-known crack of my infamous Slingerland "Blue Snare" to the sound on 9/9/94 Live and you'll hear what I'm talking about.

This version was to have been included on an album Danny wanted to do featuring Tommy Lepson and Billy Windsor on vocals, John, me, and other musicians from the D.C. area rounding out the project. Keep in mind that Danny didn't consider the guitar tracks to be finished, even though they are wonderful.